Douglas McCoy

The Australian Success Academy is an institution providing quality mentoring services to individuals of all sorts of backgrounds and fields.

It was founded by Douglas McCoy , known as the rejuvenated King for his many notable works in self-improvement and personal development.   

The Academy uses its special recreation coaching a tailor-made technique inspired from one of the techniques of Doug's mentors, Dr. Les Cunningham. The doctor was was one of the key pioneers of the early days of the recreation Strategic Studies System ™ which later on Doug developed further.   

Even using these earlier versions of the system, Dr. Cunningham had a sensational coaching Record second to none. Studies with his system, he was able to assist these patients / students / athletes he worked with and trained to recreate themselves to break through their mental and physical barriers to achieve greatness and astounding success.

Another mentor of Doug, Dr. Tanner has helped him shape the coaching techniques to be used in the recreation of the academy. Tanner thought dynamic has discovered that "It's All In The Mind." There are 21 characteristics which can be molded using the Behavior modification techniques, that can effectively change the individual.

Doug McCoy  and his team of coaches at the Australian Success Academy has produced thousands of achievers and have changed the lives of many troubled individuals. The Academy also offers access to the How Cool series of books authored by founder Douglas McCoy , a special set of self-help books made to trigger the activity of both sides of the brain.   

The series has been hailed by many as the world's Best Self Image and Personal Development series of books.

Today the Academy has expanded throughout New Zealand and Asia to grow into and develop as the Australasian Success Academy.