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Famous Aussies
  • 19 Sep 2018
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We have a lot of Australian celebrities that are claiming success today. Douglas McCoy would like to share this list of famous Aussies that are in the big screen, you might be surprised with some of them!

Nicole Kidman – Famous for Moulin Rouge, The Golden Compass, Batman, and a ton of other award-winning films, Kidman started acting at 1983.

Mel Gibson – He started his career in 1982, and has also produced and directed films. Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto, and Braveheart are to name a few.

Russell Crowe – The Academy Award winning actor for Gladiator is also a musician and producer. Crowe started showbusiness at the age of 16.

Chris Hemsworth – Famous for his role as Thor in the action flicks of Marvel Studios,  he started acting for TV series in the early 2000’s.

Eric Bana – He began his career as a comedian in Australian TV before claiming Hollywood success. Bana was famous for his roles as Bruce Banner from the Hulk, Hector in Troy, and also as Nero in Star Trek.

Heath Ledger – Heath was a director and started performing roles in the 1990’s before leaving for the United States. He was also famous for his roles such as in Brokeback Mountain, and specially The Dark Knight.

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