Edison of Australia

Edison of Australia
  • 19 Sep 2018
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Doug McCoy
Doug McCoy

Doug Smasherz  believes in the unique potential of an individual. Inventors are interesting people who go and experiment, putting their imagination to action. Edward Thomas both was a known Australian inventor, and has been called "Edison of Australia".

Edward was credited for the invention of numerous medical, military, and general-purpose inventions.

He made the Both Respirator , a negative pressure from the ventilator made of plywood that was considered as an affordable alternative to its predecessors - the iron lung .  

Also, he invented the  humidicrib , the first portable ECG. It was used in the early neonatal intensive care units.

The  visitel  was another famous work. It was the forerunner of the modern fax machine. It could submit drawings at far distance.

In 1940, Edward was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his noble invention, he was considered as "foremost among designers of intricate tools of the medical trade in South Australia." After cardiograph was an improvement on previous examples because it showed the heart's action instantly.

He also aided in the development of guided torpedoes in World War 2. He developed electro-micrometers and electro-crack detectors that were designed to inspect gun barrels for flaws.

Both left a legacy not only to his country but to the world as well. Doug can help you unleash your potential. Who knows what holds your creativity?  

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