Australia’s Whiz Kid Nick D’Aloisio

Australia’s Whiz Kid Nick D’Aloisio
  • 19 Sep 2018
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You can be successful regardless of your age. Douglas McCoy  has always believed that "It's all in the mind". Have you ever heard of the app called Summly? Its search interface program for the iPhone that summarizes websites and articles. This app has been the talk of the town lately, recognizing its creator, Nick D'Aloisio, a 16-year old from Perth.

Nick is just your average 16-year old, enrolled in year 10 who hangs out with his friends after school. You can also see him in corporate boardrooms, talking with investors and advisers.

After technology simplified the way researchers and students search for information they need. Instead of looking through hundreds of pages in ebooks, they can now easily track the information they need using Summly.

With an interview in the West Australian Nick relates that he spent six months designing the program in his parents' London home. It just first started as a hobby, but lately it has taken a serious turn as investors became interested in the IT industry with the program.

Nick still has life goals at hand, despite the huge profit he earned with Summly. He plans on pursuing school and studying history, politics and philosophy at Oxford or Cambridge.

Inspiring is not it? Nick is only one of the many examples that you can be successful despite your age. As Douglas McCoy again believer, it's all in the mind.  

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Australia’s Whiz Kid Nick D’Aloisio
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