Is there a secret that you can use to get healthier and feel better with little effort?

“The greatest consistent force we have to resist is gravity. If we exercise in a manner that will increase or enhance that gravitational force, we may expect a greater remodeling effect. Vertical acceleration and deceleration will provide that additional force.”

Dr. Robert G. Frost, MD

Author, The Secret to a Vital Life

Here is the way to become tight, lean and remarkably healthy in just 45 minutes, three times a week—Rebound Exercise.

Together with Dr. Robert Frost, Douglas McCoy produced a CD on how to take full advantage of the rebound exercise and discover the secrets to a vital life. The purpose of this cellular exercise is to receive health and fitness benefits by opposing the combined natural forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration which produces an increased G force on every cell of the body, thereby challenging the entire body all at once each time one lands on a rebound devise.

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Think about this, the human body cannot get away with the presence of the gravitational pull of the earth—unless of course, you are in a spaceflight. Functioning away from the gravity will require the muscles involved with the movement to become stronger. And the exercise devices anywhere in the gym and health spa you are accustomed to are not designed to strengthen the bones, the involuntary muscles of digestion and elimination, the eyes and most of the vital organs of the body the way rebounder exercise can. Acknowledged by many fitness experts as the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man, this is done by actively bouncing, walking, running, jumping or dancing on a springy resilient exercise devise known as a rebounder that is designed specifically for the activity. At the bottom of the bounce every cell in the body is stimulated and, of necessity, has to become stronger. This happens approximately 100 times a minute.

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